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Cell Boosters

Cellular Amplifiers for Improved Cellphone Reception!!!

With the right cellular booster, you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity wherever you are. Dropped calls and choppy signals are not only frustrating and embarrassing, they can also be a safety hazard. Install a SureCall cellular signal booster and put an end to cell reception issues at home, in your office as well as in your vehicle.

How does a celluar booster work?

Cellular boosters increase the strength and range of the cellphone sending and receiving signals.  A typical consists component of an internal and external antenna plus a celluar booster.  For the best output, ensure that the booster you select is compatible with yout needs and carrier.  It is important to understand that a cellular booster cannot create a signal where there is none.  It simply strenghtens an existing one.

SureCall™ specializes in cellular signal boosters and accessories. This means that our products are tried-and-tested to provide you with optimal results. As an industry leader, we offer groundbreaking solutions that will enhance the range, reception and upload speed of virtually any cellphone. All our signal boosters come with an extended 3-year warranty; plus, we offer a unique 30-day money back guarantee for your absolute satisfaction


Affordable Cellular Boosters with Proven Quality

SureCall™ provides the most innovative and powerful aftermarket solutions at affordable rates. Our Force5 72dB booster is the first 5-band high linearity cell phone booster that has the highest integration capacity on the market today. Modular in design, each Force5 expands cellular reception for 25,000 square foot areas for over 10 users. Made for use with Bell, Rogers, Telus and other carriers, it is ideal for locations with a low cellphone signal.

SureCall™ signal boosters hold the rare distinction of providing strong signal bars in areas where you would ordinarily have only one. We have the lowest product return rates in the industry.

Try SureCall’s high-quality, low-cost cellular boosters for crystal clear reception wherever you are.



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